Transportation Energy Committee

ADC70 is the Transportation Energy Committee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

ADC70 is tasked to consider energy efficiency, use and policy in passenger and freight transportation; resulting impacts on energy consumption, energy security and the environment; greenhouse gas emissions; and related public concerns.

Section & subcommittees

ADC70 is within the ADC00 Energy & Environment section of the AD000 Planning & Environment group. It has several subcommittees; some of these are joint with other committees:

ADC70 is also closely connected to the A0020T Special Task Force on Climate Change & Energy (chair: Mark Abkowitz).

2019 Annual Meeting

Committee meetings

  • ADC70 — agenda — Monday 14 Jan, 8:00–9:45 am @ Marriott Marquis, Independence E (level M4).
  • ADC70(1) — agenda — Monday 14 Jan, 1:30–3:45 pm @ Independence G.
  • ADC70(2) — agenda — Monday 14 Jan, 6:00–7:30 pm @ Independence E.
  • ADC70(3) — agenda — Tuesday 15 Jan, 8:00–9:45 am @ Independence E.
  • ADB40(2) — agenda — Tuesday 15 Jan, 1:30–3:45 pm @ Monument (level M4).

Other events of note

  • Overview of all ADC00 Energy & Environment section events.
  • A0020T meeting — agenda — Monday 14 Jan, 8:00–9:45 am @ Independence B.
  • ADC80 meeting — agenda — Monday 14 Jan, 10:15–12:00 pm @ Independence E.
  • Workshop 1790: Tools for Assessing the Energy, Emission, and Environmental Impacts of SMART Mobility Technologies
    • Flyer, agenda.
    • Thursday 17 Jan 8:00 am – 12:00 pm @ Conference Center, Room 202B.
    • Co-organized by ADB40(2) (thus ADC70 & ADB40); ADC70(3); ADC80, and ADD30.

Papers, slides, and posters

  • Presentations and papers — select “Energy”.
  • Please upload your presentation slides, posters, and handouts from the 2019 Annual Meeting if you would like them shared more widely on this website.

Documents & resources

Previous years' meeting minutes

Archived presentations

Since 2015, presentations are available via the Annual Meeting Online website for meeting attendees. (Presentations and papers for meetings back to 2011 are also available.)


For ADC70-sponsored sessions in earlier years, presentation slides and posters are available on this site, organized by session number. In some years, documents are also available from meetings of ADC70 and its subcommittees.


Other meetings & documents

Committee membership

Current — previous membership in 201720122006

  • Awards given by the committee.
  • Photos of committee meetings and other activities.
  • Committee Members and Friends of the committee can access a private mailing list with archives on the web.
  • ADC70 page on the main TRB website, with links to official resources.

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