Transportation Energy Committee

AMS30 is the Transportation Energy Committee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

AMS30 is tasked to consider energy efficiency, use and policy in passenger and freight transportation; resulting impacts on energy consumption, energy security and the environment; greenhouse gas emissions; and related public concerns.

Section & subcommittees

AMS30 is within the AMS00 Transportation & Sustainability section of the AM000 Transportation Sustainability & Resilience group. It has several subcommittees; some of these are joint with other committees:

AMS30 is also closely connected to the A0020T Special Task Force on Climate Change & Energy (chair: Mark Abkowitz).


Current list of members on myTRB or this website.

Previous membership in 2018201720122006

2020 re-org

TRB's committees were reorganized in 2020, with new codes assigned to some committees, new commitees created, and others disbanded. This process is not yet complete, so the old codes and names may still appear. For instance, pages on the the main TRB website still (as of 2020-07-16) use the old codes.

Prior to this:

  • ADC70 was the code for AMS, within the ADC00 Energy & Environment section of the AD000 Planning & Environment group.
  • Partner committees:
    • ADB40 was the code for AEP50 Transportation Demand Forecasting.
    • ADC20 was the code for AMS10 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation.
    • ADC80 was the code for AMS40 Alternative Transportation Fuels & Technologies.
    • ADD40 Transportation & Sustainability was the joint parent for the ADC70(2) Climate Change subcommittee. This committee no longer exists; now AMS10 is the joint parent of AMS30(2).
    • AHB30 was the code for ACP30 Vehicle-Highway Automation.

Documents from earlier years retain the contemporary codes and remain at the same URLs.

Other contents of this website:

  • Committee Members and Friends of the committee can access a private mailing list with archives on the web.
  • Documents from previous years' committee meetings and other activities.
  • Awards given by the committee.
  • Photos of committee meetings and other activities.
  • ADC70 page (still under the old code) on the main TRB website, with links to official resources.

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