Mailing lists

We maintain two mailing lists for the committee, populated with e-mail addresses from the myTRB system.

This list targets appointed Members of AMS30 and self-designated Friends.

  • E-mails from the list have "[TRB AMS30] " in the Subject: line, for you to use with automatic sorting in your mail program.
  • The list is closed and visible only to Members and Friends of AMS30.
    • We keep it up-to-date with the official TRB lists.
    • Non-Members can self-nominate as Friends of AMS30 here.
  • List info and options—manage your subscription and delivery settings.
  • Archives of messages.

This list targets appointed Members of AMS30 only.


Because the e-mail addresses are drawn from myTRB, TRB rules require that we use these lists for “committee business” only. Specifically:

[TRB's legal advisors have instructed that] communications made on behalf of the committee via email must be limited to strictly committee/TRB/NASEM business. You can share information related to the reports, papers, events, etc. officially associated with the committee/TRB/NASEM. You can't share anything that doesn't have a formal relationship with the committee/TRB/NASEM. This means, no job openings (exception: those mentioned in the TRB eNewsletter are OK; those are limited to high-level positions open in TRB sponsoring organizations), no papers published in other non-TRB/NASEM journals, and no events that TRB/NASEM isn't sponsoring or cosponsoring. This policy is specific to emails, because TRB received numerous complaints from people believing that TRB sold its contacts lists to third parties because they received what they believe is 'spam' from committees, i.e. emails including non-committee/TRB/NASEM information.

AMS30 is exploring alternate options that will allow free discussion; see below. Meanwhile, all messages are moderated by the committee Chair and Communications Coordinator. Please send a message to if you are unsure whether your post meets these criteria.

Previous lists

The lists and are no longer used.

Other channels

Please contact if:

  • You are interested to help maintain:
    • a LinkedIn group for AMS30 members & friends;
    • Twitter content (a hashtag or account) associated with AMS30; or
    • other social media channels.
  • You have other content to share with committee Members & Friends via