2003 Presentations


Session 309:

03-XXX Transitions in Light-Duty Vehicle Transportation: Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Vehicles and Learning
Paul Leiby, Jonathan Rubin
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Session 364:

03-XXX Annual Energy Outlook 2003 Projections of Light Vehicle Energy Use and Travel
John Maples
03-XXX Future of Transportation Infrastructure Financing in the US
Martin Wachs
03-XXX Transportation Fuel Consumption Forecasts & Financial Implications for California
Michael F. Lawrence
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Session 659:

03-XXX Vehicle Efficiency and Greenhouse Gases - Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2 - Alternative Approaches to Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Steven Plotkin
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Session 716:

03-XXX Fuel Cells and the Hydrogen Economy - A Challenging & Compelling Vision
Christine Sloan
03-XXX Perspectives on FCVs and H2 from the Left Coast
Daniel Sperling
03-XXX FreedomCAR: Re-Drawing the Transportation Energy Picture
Tom Gross
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Session 741:

03-XXX Future Oil and Gas Resources of the World
Thomas Ahlbrandt
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Session 816:

03-XXX Transport, Energy & Emissions in London
John Polak
03-XXX ASIF the Data Mattered
Lew Fulton
03-XXX ASIF: How Urban Regions Count Traffic, Transport Activity, Energy and Emissions - Experiences From Surabaya / Indonesia
Manfred Breithaupt
03-XXX Methodology ASIF: examples of its application in Rio de Janeira Projects
Suzana Kahn Ribeiro