2004 Presentations


Session 154:

04-XXX The Hydrogen Transition
Dan Sperling, et. al.
04-XXX Fuel Cells or Fool Sell? If Hydrogen Was The Answer, What Were The Three Talks on Thursday Evening?
Lee Schipper
04-XXX Session IV: Rethinking Hydrogen Infrastructure and Markets
Marianne Mintz
04-XXX Session IIII: Hydrogen Resource Realities
Marianne Mintz
04-XXX Asilomar 2003
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Session 265:

04-XXX California's Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Motor Vehicles
Charles Shulock
04-XXX Development of China's Light-Duty Passenger Vehicles Fuel Consumption Standards and Their Implications to Energy Savings
WU Wei, Jin Yuefu, HE Dongquan, Feng An
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Session 576:

04-XXX International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy
Bob Dixon
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Session 700:

04-XXX Prospects for Fuel Derived from Biomass as a Major Transportation Sector Energy Carrier
Lee Lynd
04-XXX Hydrogen Demand, Production and Costs by Region to 2050
Margaret Singh, Jim Moore, and Bill Shadis