2006 Presentations


Session 363: Prospects for Reducing Heavy-Duty Emissions and Fossil Use

06-XXX Truck Driver Environmental and Energy Attitudes: An Exploratory Analysis
Christie-Joy Brodrick, Lisa Schweitzer & Suey Spivey
06-XXX GIS Determination of Candidate Truck Stop Electrification Sites on Interstate 95 in North Carolina
Elizabeth A. Harris
06-XXX Comparison of Real-World Fuel Use and Emissions for Dump Trucks Fueled with B20 Biodiesel Versus Petroleum Diesel
H. Christopher Frey & Kangwook Kim
06-XXX Estimation of Fuel Use by Idling Commercial Trucks
Linda Gaines, Anant Vyas & John L. Anderson
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Session 506: Crude Awakening: Oil in the New Millennium

06-XXX Saving Oil in a Hurry: Demand Restraint Policies to Mitigate Price Pressures
Bob Noland, Lew Fulton & Bill Cowart
06-XXX Annual Energy Outlook 2006
Briefing for the Transportation Review Board Session: "Crude Awakening: Oil in the New Millennium." - Energy Information Administration
06-XXX Effect of Gas Prices on Mode Choice
Clayton Lane
06-XXX Vehicle Preferences of American and Canadian Consumers
Dennis DesRosiers
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Session 589: Climate Change, Transportation, and Energy: Highlights from the 2005 Asilomar Conference

06-XXX Toward a Policy Agenda for Climate Change
David L. Greene
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Session 623: Issues in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Deployment

06-XXX On Road vs Test Cycle Fuel Economy of HEVs: Results of DOE-Sponsored Test Fleets
Lee Slezak & Jim Francfort
06-XXX The Role of Symbolism in Early Markets for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
Reid (Rusty) Heffner, Thomas Turrentine, Kenneth Kurani
06-XXX Grid-connected Hybrids: Another Option in the Search to Replace Gasoline
Steve Plotkin
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Session 676: Progress in Understanding Transition to Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Transportation

06-XXX Systems Analysis of the Hydrogen Transition with HyTrans
David Greene, Paul Leiby, Elzbieta Tworek & David Bowman
06-XXX Prospects for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Dolf Gielen, Giorgia Simbolotti
06-XXX Discussion of Three Presentations on Understanding the Transition to Hydrogen
Lew Fulton
06-XXX HDSAM: A Hydrogen Delivery Scenario Analysis Model to Analyze Hydrogen Distribution Options
Marianne Mintz, Jerry Gillette, Amgad Elgowainy & James Li
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Meeting ADC70: Transportation Energy Committee

06-XXX International Energy Agency's Activities in Transport
Alan Meier
06-XXX Motor Vehicle Speed Management Technologies to Improve Safety and Reduce Fuel Consumption and GHG Emissions
Andree Bourbeau
06-XXX A New Metric for Measuring Progress in Vehicle Technology
Feng An & John DeCicco
06-XXX Total Emissions Analysis for Marine Systems (TEAMS) Model
Jamie Winebrake, Jim Corbett & Patrick Meyer
06-XXX Survey Results from Opinion Research Corporation
Phil Patterson
06-XXX Multi-Path Transportation Futures Study: Workscope Discussion 1/26/06
Phil Patterson, Steve Plotkin & Margaret Singh
06-XXX Energy Webboard 2006
Stacy C. Davis
06-XXX Critical Issues in Transportation
TRB Executive Committee