2009 Presentations


Session 740: Biofuels, Part 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Part 2, Session 765)

09-XXX Impacts of Renewable Fuels Standard
Bob Larson
09-XXX Biofuels: Land Use, Change, Uncertainty, and Time
Michael O'Hare
09-XXX Intermediate Ethanol Blends Test Program
Steve Przesmitzki
09-XXX Corn Ethanol and Land Use: Toward a More Realistic Assessment of GHG Impacts
Tom Darlington
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Session 795: Behavioral Considerations in Response to Energy Prices and Global Climate Change

09-XXX Designing and Implementing a Test of Behavioral Response to Personal Carbon Trading and Carbon Taxes
Abigail L. Bristow and Alberto M. Zanni
09-XXX Fuel Costs, Circulation Taxes, and Car Market Shares: Implications for Climate Policy
Markus Mehlin and Colin Vance
09-XXX Traveled Distance, Stock and Fuel Efficiency of Private Vehicles in Canada: Price Elasticities and Rebound Effect
P. Barla, B. Lamonde, L. Miranda-Moreno, N. Boucher
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Session ?: Posters

09-XXX Rethinking Hydrogen Fueling: Insights from Delivery Modeling
Marianne Mintz, Amgad Elgowainy and Monterey Gardiner
09-XXX Oil Demand and CO 2 Emissions in India by 2040 due to the increase in Highway Vehicles: The Impact of Business-as-Usual Growth
Salil Arora, Anant Vyas, and Larry Johnson