2012 Presentations


Session 131: No Silver Bullets: Alternative Fuels in the Transportation Sector

12-XXX The Politics of Incentives
Christopher J. Adamo
12-XXX The Case for Fuel Neutrality
David L. Greene
12-XXX The California Experience: 30 Years of Alternative Fuels in 20 Minutes or Less
Mike Jackson
12-XXX Big Oil and Alternative Fuels: Framing the Challenge
Tom O'Connor
12-XXX Public Incentives and Unlocking Private Capital
Will Coleman
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Session 187: Urban and Regional On-Road Transportation Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options and Strategies Analysis

12-XXX Explaining and Projecting the Carbon Footprint of Mexico's Urban Transport
Aiga Stokenberga
12-XXX A Tools-Based Approach to Transportation and Land Use Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policy Analysis
Judith Mueller, Scott Williamson, and Rami Barakat Chami
12-XXX Achieving San Francisco's Greenhouse Gas Goals in the Transportation Sector: What Will it Take?
Liz Brisson, Elizabeth Sail and Jeffrey Ang-Olson
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Session 192: Following in Lee Schipper's Footsteps in Pursuit of Good Travel and Fuel Economy Data: Status of U.S. Travel Data and Options for Improvement

12-XXX Mind the Gap - The Viscious Circle of Measuring Automobile Fuel Use
David Greene
12-XXX Innovations in Travel Tools and Technologies
Johanna Zmud
12-XXX A Low-Cost Option for Real-Time Fuel Economy Data
John German
12-XXX Bottoms Up! - or - Get on Board! Bottom-up Fuel & Emissions Inventories and the Role of On-Board Emission Measurement
John Koupal
12-XXX Industry Perspectives and On-Board Diagnostics
John Viera
12-XXX How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program for Travel Data
Joseph L. Schofer
12-XXX Following in Lee Schipper's Footsteps in Pursuit of Good Travel and Fuel Economy Data
Rolf R. Schmitt
12-XXX How Do We Know It's Affordable?
Scott Bernstein
12-XXX Lee Schipper: Statements and Memories from Friends and Colleagues
Steven Winkelman and Craig Raborn
12-XXX Tapping into Real-Time Traffic Flow Data
Ted Trepanier
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Session 229: Macroeconomic Impacts of Transportation Energy Research, Innovation, and Regulation (Part 1): Where Are the Jobs?

12-XXX National Macroeconomic Impacts of State Climate Change Action Plans
Adam Rose & Dan Wei
12-XXX Economic Impact of Low-Carbon Renewable Fuels
David Montgomery
12-XXX Employment Impacts of Initial Markets for Fuel Cell and Natural Gas Vehicles
Marianne Millar Mintz
12-XXX Scenarios Modeling Macroeconomic Impacts of a California-Style Low Carbon Fuel Standard in Oregon
Scott Williamson, Michael Fitzpatrick Lawrence and Kavitha Pramod
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Session 283: Macroeconomic Impacts of Transportation Energy Research, Innovation, and Regulation (Part 2): Alternative Fuels and State Carbon Plans

12-XXX Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions Standards, Manufacturer Pricing Strategies, and Feebates
Changzheng Liu and David L. Greene
12-XXX Understanding the Link between Energy Efficiency and Net Job Creation through the DEEPER Model
John A. Laitner
12-XXX Economic, Energy, and CO2 Emissions Impacts of Proposed 2017-2025 Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards in the United States
Valerie Jean Karplus
12-XXX How CAFE Standards Drive Job Growth: Recent Studies, Progress
Zoe Lipman
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Session 541: Current Issues in Energy Climate Change and Alternative Fuels in Transportation

12-XXX Acceleration, Performance Trends and the Evolving Relationship Between Power, Weight, and Acceleration in the U.S. Light-Duty Vehicles
Donald Warren MacKenzie and John B. Heywood
12-XXX Characterizing Residential Recharge Potential for Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Jonn Axsen and Kenneth S. Kurani
12-XXX Consumers' Perceptions and Use of Electric Vehicle Range Changes Over Time Through a Lifestyle Learning Process
Justin Woodjack, Dahlia Garass, Andy Lentz, Thomas Turrentine, Michael Nicholas and Gil Tai
12-XXX Do People Connect Plug-In Vehicles (PEVs) with Green Electricity?
Ken Kurani, Nicolette Capello, Kadir Bedir, Jennifer TyreeHageman
12-XXX In-Vehicle Ecodriving Interface: Theory, Design, and Driver Responses
Tai Stillwater and Kenneth S. Kurani
12-XXX Increasing--and Decreasing--Fuel Economy Using Feedback: A Behavioral Theory Inspired Ecodriving Experiment
Tai Stillwater, Kenneth S. Kurani, and Patricia L. Mokhtarian
12-XXX (2) (3) Tracking National Household Vehicle Use by Type, Age and Area in Support of Market Assessments for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Yan Zhou, Anant D. Vyas and Danilo J. Santini
12-XXX (2) PHEV Energy Use Estimation: Validating the Gamma Distribution for Representing the Random Daily Driving Distance
Zhenhong Lin, Jing Dong, Changzheng Liu, and David L. Greene
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Session 565: Climate Change Adaptation Practices for Ports, Airports, and Freight Terminals

12-XXX The U.S. Marine Transportation System - Responses to Climate Change and Variability
Alan Meyers
12-XXX Case Studies of Adaptation Concerns at Freight Gateways and Terminals
Anne Choate and Mike Savonis
12-XXX Adapting to Climate Change at the Port Authority: Preparing and Progressing Strategies
Christopher Zeppie and Lena DeSantis
12-XXX Freight Transportation Adaptation to Climate Change: Current Needs
Janey Camp and Mark Abkowitz
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Session 629: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Steps Toward Reality (Alt. Fuels Session)

12-XXX Impact of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging Choices in 2030
Amgad Elgowainy, Yan Zhou, Anant D. Vyas, Matthew Mahalik, Danilo J. Santini, Michael Q. Want
12-XXX Within-Day Recharge of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Energy Impact of Public Charging Infrastructure
Jing Dong and Zhenhong Lin
12-XXX Plug-In Electric Vehicles in California: Review of Current Policies, PEV-Related Emissions Reductions for 2020, and Policy Outlook
Maggie Witt, Matthew Bomberg, Timothy Lipman and Brett Williams
12-XXX Consumer Behavior and the Market for Electric Drive Vehicles
Mike Tamor
12-XXX Forward Power-Train Energy Management Modeling for Assessing Benefits of Integrating Predictive Traffic Data into Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Yiming He, Jackeline Rios, Mashrur A. Chowdhury, Pierluigi Pisu, and Parth Bhavsar
12-XXX What Electric Ranges Consumers May Choose? -- An Optimization Approach
Zhenhong Lin
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Session 793: Greenhouse Gas and Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas

12-XXX Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Shale Gas, Natural Gas, Gasoline, and Diesel as Transportation Fuels
Andrew Burnham
12-XXX Shale Gas Versus Natural Gas Versus Coal: Environmental Effects for Transportation Applications and Power Generation
Corrie Clark
12-XXX Global Warming Impacts of Shale Gas Development by Hydraulic Fracturing
Robert Howarth
12-XXX Life-Cycle Assessment of Natural Gas Extraction, Delivery and Electricity Production
Timothy J. Skone, Dr. Joe Marriott and James Littlefield
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Meeting ADC70: Transportation Energy Committee

12-XXX Checklist for Transition to New Highway Fuel(s)
Charles Risch and Danilo Santini
12-XXX Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC) Overview
Jeff Gonder