2014 Presentations


Session 181: Harmonization of CO2 Calculation for Freight Transport: Progress Report

14-6033 COFRET: How the Project Is Contributing to Global Standardization for Carbon Footprinting of Freight Transport
Verena Charlotte Ehrler
14-6034 How International Liaison Can Help Methodology Development in the United States
Edgar Blanco
14-6035 International State of the Art: From Fragmentation to a Common Way Forward
Jan Kiel
14-6036 From Methodology to Collecting the Data That Drive Operational Improvement
Buddy Polovick
14-6037 Driving Smart Freight Strategies Through Adoption of a Global Emissions Methodology
Sophie Punte
14-6038 Carbon Footprinting of Freight Transport Within International Standards
Andrew Dryden
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Session 192: Current Developments and Impacts of Natural Gas in Transportation

14-XXX Methane Emissions in Natural Gas Production and Implications for Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Along the Natural Gas Supply Chain
David Allen
14-XXX Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Natural Gas: Overview of Recent Activities
Gilbert R. Jersey
14-XXX Well-to-Wheels Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Using Natural Gas for Compressed Natural Gas, Electricity, and Hydrogen
Michael Q. Wang
14-XXX Natural Gas for Heavy-Duty Engines
Nadine Haupt
14-XXX Heavy-Duty Vehicles on the Move Toward Natural Gas: Will the Climate Benefit?
Ramon Alvarez
14-XXX Natural Gas in Transportation: Resources, Opportunities, and Challenges
Tahmid Mizan
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Workshop 238: Energy Development and the Transportation System: Update on TRB Activities

14-XXX Freight System Effects of the Baaken Shale Boom
Denver D. Tolliver
14-XXX Discussion of Issues and Research Needs
Katherine F. Turnbull, Roger W. Surdahl, and Denver D. Tolliver
14-XXX Rural Transportation Issue
Roger W. Surdahl
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Session 355: Fuel Mandates and Policies: Where Are We?

14-1332 Integrating Multimodal Transport in Cellulosic Biofuel Supply Chain Design Under Feedstock Seasonality
Fei Xie, Yongxi Huang, and Sandra Duni Eksioglu
14-2792 Regional Credit Trading: Economic and GHG Impacts of a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard
Jonathan Rubin, Paul N. Leiby, and Maxwell L. Brown
14-XXX California Low Carbon Fuel Standard: Progress and Outcome
Daniel Sperling
14-XXX European Fuel Quality Directive
Peter Whitman
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Session 749: Automated Vehicles: Key Technical and Operational Challenges

14-XXX Testing and Certification: Issues and Approaches
Ching-Yao Chan
14-XXX Energy and Environmental Implications of Automated Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges
Donald W. MacKenzie, Zia Wadud, and Paul N. Leiby
14-XXX Commercial Vehicle Operations: Moving Ahead with Automation
Myra Blanco
14-XXX Important Issues and Scientific Challenges for Automated Vehicle Infrastructure and Operations
Robert A. Ferlis
14-XXX Shared Mobility and Automated Transit: Challenges, Opportunities, and Next Steps
Stanley E. Young and Alain L. Kornhauser
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Session 799: Climate Change Mitigation and Global Transportation: How Far Can Technologies and Policies Take Us?

14-0428 Transport Impacts of Energy–Environment Policy: Case of Compressed Natural Gas Conversion of Vehicles in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Zia Wadud
14-1043 Daily Travel and CO2 Emissions from Passenger Transport: Comparison of Germany and the United States
Ralph Buehler
14-2857 Global Transportation Demand in the New Shared Socioeconomic Pathways
Gouri Shankar Mishra, Page Kyle, Jacob Teter, Geoffrey M. Morrison, Son H. Kim, and Sonia Yeh
14-4708 Fuel Consumption and Technological Progress in Chinese Automobile Sector
Yang Yu, Yang Shu, and Yueming Qiu
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Session 831: Electric Vehicle Implementation: What Works and What Doesn't

14-3084 Consumer Preferences for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in China and the United States: Implications for Policy and Environment
John P. Helveston, Yimin Liu, Elea McDonnell Feit, Erica R. H. Fuchs, Erica Klampfl, and Jeremy J. Michalek
14-3556 Charging Behavior Impacts on Electric Vehicle Miles Traveled: Evidence from 2013 California Drivers Survey
Gil Tal, Michael A. Nicholas, Justin Woodjack, and Jamie Davies
14-5046 From the Top of the Organization to the Bottom Line: Understanding the Fleet Market for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Kevin A. Nesbitt and Jamie Davies
14-XXX Charging Fees at Work: Why Free Charging May Decrease eVMT in California
Michael A. Nichola and Gil Tal
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Session 854: Energy Security and Transportation Energy

14-XXX Implications of North American Oil and Gas Boom on Geopolitics and Energy Security
Amy Myers Jaffe
14-XXX Why Clean Transportation Alternatives Are Still Needed to Promote Worldwide Economic Growth
Carmine Difiglio
14-XXX Emerging Trends in North American Energy Supply and the Transition to Secure Transportation Energy
David L. Greene
14-XXX Energy Security Implications of Electric Vehicles
Michael Shelby, Edmund Coe, and Paul N. Leiby
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Meeting ADC70: Transportation Energy Committee

14-XXX TRB Workshop on Road Vehicle Automation, Stanford University, July 16–19th, 2013
Donald W. MacKenzie
14-XXX A Guide to the Lessons Learned from the Clean Cities Community Electric Vehicle Readiness Projects
Linda Bluestein